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Recipe to change the world

I unfasten the clasp on my cape and drop my tired body onto the bed. Contented exhaustion creeps through my muscles as I reflect on the day. My job is to change the world, which sometimes seems like an impossible task. But then, I reflect on this and realize that changing the world really boils down to a simple recipe.

Start with one everyday superhero….

I was called to change the world, just as you were. Each and every person on this planet was given unique gifts and put here to contribute something. We all have the capability to become everyday superheroes.

How do we become these everyday superheroes? It all starts within. We hold an immense capability to give love. In fact…we are love. It is the very essence of our being. As humans in the modern world, it can be easy to lose sight of that. This is why we need to go within. Take time for meditation or reflection each day to come back to your true self. Remind yourself of the great power you hold within you.

Add a million small acts of love…

The change our world needs will not come from one grand gesture. It's the composition of a million tiny ones. It's the meal given to a hungry neighbor. It's a visit to someone who is lonely. It's a hug or smile to someone who feels alone. Millions of small things, over time, will shift the state of the world to a more loving, kind and compassionate one.

Now take some time…

Change takes time. But, with each person performing these million small acts, the world itself will transform. Power structures will shift. There will be more equality. Leaders will be more empathetic and compassionate. Governments will be more inclusive and representative of the people they serve.

What a beautiful thing that, right now, we are being given the gift of the time. With much of the world in lockdown and practicing social distancing, we have the space to go inward. Spend some time in silence reconnecting to your true self. That part of yourself can get buried in the midst of a busy schedule and endless commitments. This time is for all of us to individually heal and come back to our true, loving nature.

We will emerge from this period of isolation as fierce, loving superheroes ready to change the world. We will hug our loved ones a little closer. We will be more present in our conversations with others. We will not take for granted the freedom to go about the simple tasks in our daily lives. We will appreciate all of we have a little bit more and realize that it's the simple things that matter most.

So, how do you change the world?

It's really quite simple. We do it together, one small step at a time.

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