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I Dream of Something Different

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

For years I watch as people rush into the office, from meeting to meeting not stopping to meet a friendly gaze. Diving deep into an inbox full of superfluous emails. Checking fanatically until the clock strikes 6:00 and their ‘real' life can begin. These cannot be the best ways to spend our days.

I dream of something different

I watch as school systems indoctrinate children into an archaic way of thinking. Trapping them into a system not designed for them. Grooming them in the classrooms to be compliant in the boardrooms that they will one day sit. Student loan numbers growing as they become more entrenched in the system.

I dream of something different

I watch as prisons are overloaded with people only trying to provide for their basic needs in a broken system. Treated as less than and continually punished, even after their time is served. Carrying around the weight of one mistake with them throughout their lives.

I dream of something different

I watch as billionaires fly rockets to space, not pausing to extend a hand to the impoverished people that helped build their fortunes. The system, catering to those of power, wealth, and influence instead of those most in need.

I dream of something different

I watch as we disconnect from the natural world, retreating deeper and deeper into our climate-controlled boxes. Trying to control nature while forgetting that we ARE nature. Eating food with chemicals and swallowing pills in search of health.

I dream of something different

I watch as red and blue face-off, continuously taking their places on the opposite ends of the battleground. Always ready to fight and defend. Blindly listening to the narrative being created, never stopping to check in with their own heart.

I dream of something different

I watch as fear is triggered, purposely, for the intent of control and serving an agenda. Giving away our power waiting for a savior, forgetting that the true savior lies within us.

I dream of something different

I dream because I know it’s there, deep in the heart of the souls around me. I’ve seen it in the eyes of a stranger who stops to help a lost traveler. I taste it in the food, lovingly prepared by a family member. I hear it in the laughter of children playing in the sunshine.

Infinite love lies within each of us. It’s what we were created out of, designed to drive a world of love and joy. I dream of this world because it’s already here, all we need to do is wake up and remember.

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